What does a winning nomination look like?

We receive hundreds of nominations every year so sorting through them to find the winners is always an exciting but challenging task. Here's a few tips from us for writing a winning nomination:

  • answer the questions yes, we know we sound like a teacher in exam season, but we ask the questions because that's what we want to know so do read them and make sure what you're telling us is relevant
  • give us examples: don't just write "my youth worker is great." We know that. Most of them are. Give us clear examples of why your youth worker, resource or project is particuarly special. Stories of the things they've done, quotes from others who've worked with them or anything which will serve as evidence when we're considering who should win
  • think about what makes them different: what is it that makes your youth worker, resource or project stand out above the rest? That's what we want to know about. It might be an innovative approach to a situation, persistence over a long period of time, commitment above and beyond what's expected, their passion for their work or overcoming personal circumstances to achieve their aims. You know they are one in a million. Tell us why.
  • read up on previous years: we publish news, photos and videos about the winners on this site every year so you can look and see examples of the reasons people win the awards each time. We're not looking for carbon copies of previous winners so don't worry if your nominee is older, younger, taller, or different from other winners in any way. It's just to give you an idea.
  • provide references: we do check. You think this thing is great, but we like to make sure other people do too so inviting other people to add their perspectives is really helpful. We ask for two but there's no reason you couldn't ask other people to nominate them too. The more information we have, the better we're able to make decisions.

Youth Worker of the Year

Sponsored by: Moorlands College
Prize: ipad

This award is for a youth worker who's excelled at building positive relationships with young people, helping them to see their

Volunteer of the Year

Sponsored by: London School of Theology
Prize: 4* hotel break

This award is for a volunteer who's shown exceptional commitment to Christian youth work, freely offering their time and energy

Best Youth Work Employer

Sponsored by: CPAS Ventures & Falcons
Prize: Team building day at 'Go Ape'

This award is for an employer who gives outstanding support to their youth workers. They invest in them, providing practical and

Most Innovative Youth Work

Sponsored by: CYM
Prize: £300 to spend on the project

This award is for a project or piece of work that's bursting with faith and creativity.

Best Youth Work Resource

Sponsored by: Premier Youthwork
Prize: Full page advert in Premier Youthwork

This award is for a resource that's a proved itself to be a genuine asset to Christian youth work

Young Leader of the Year

Sponsored by: The Methodist Church
Prize: ipad mini

This award will be given to a young Christian who is rooted in their local church and having significant influence on other youn

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