Young Leader of the Year

Cat Sisman and Esther Lodge - Young Leaders of the Year 2015

For 2015 we introduced a new category, inspired by 18 year old Rose Greensmith who won Volunteer of the Year in 2014. Speaking on behalf of the Methodist Church who sponsor the award, Dr Hamish Leese acknowledged that, "The position of youth worker in the church is now one at the very heart of leadership and it's a way in which we look to empower young people and make sure their voice is heard. Through this award we recognise the hard work and exemplary courage of young people and affirm them in their future work."

The award was given to both shortlisted nominees, Cat Sisman and Esther Lodge.

Cat Sisman became a young leader in Solihull Parish when she was 15 and has fulfilled many roles in the last 3 years including mentoring, sponsoring confirmation candidates, planning and leading residential and running the fortnightly youth group. Recently she established a partnership with Birmingham Childrens Hospital in which the youth group served patients and their families in a three week mission. Cat approaches leadership from a position of service and humility, always sharing her successes and attributing the glory to God.

At Stopsley Baptist Church, Esther Lodge is one of the young leaders in the pod groups, an evening bible study and discussion group for 11-14 year old girls. Esther is well respected amongst the girls, building strong relationships with them where they feel safe to talk about the things they’re struggling with. Her passion for Jesus is shown in her participation and enthusiasm for the group and she’ll often be the first to suggest praying. Esther is an example to the girls in the group, often telling them about conversations she’s had with her friends about her faith and encouraging them to do the same.

Youth Worker of the Year

Sponsored by: Moorlands College
Prize: ipad

This award is for a youth worker who's excelled at building positive relationships with young people, helping them to see their

Volunteer of the Year

Sponsored by: London School of Theology
Prize: 4* hotel break

This award is for a volunteer who's shown exceptional commitment to Christian youth work, freely offering their time and energy

Best Youth Work Employer

Sponsored by: CPAS Ventures & Falcons
Prize: Team building day at 'Go Ape'

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Most Innovative Youth Work

Sponsored by: CYM
Prize: £300 to spend on the project

This award is for a project or piece of work that's bursting with faith and creativity.

Best Youth Work Resource

Sponsored by: Premier Youthwork
Prize: Full page advert in Premier Youthwork

This award is for a resource that's a proved itself to be a genuine asset to Christian youth work

Young Leader of the Year

Sponsored by: The Methodist Church
Prize: ipad mini

This award will be given to a young Christian who is rooted in their local church and having significant influence on other youn

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