Best Youth Work Resource

Seriously Awkward - Best Youth Work Resource 2016

Seriously Awkward is a set of 6-sessions for youth groups, resourcing and addressing current issues. Produced by The Children’s Society, the sessions cover identity, mental health, relationships, life online, vulnerability and the value of campaigning – big issues for teenagers today. Seriously Awkward offers a gentle Christian perspective through discussion and reflection, demonstrating how an active faith shapes teenagers’ attitude and responses to these issues. Additional online resources are free to download, allowing young people to research topics if they are particularly interested. Seriously Awkward is fun, hard-hitting and makes a difference.


  • Seriously Awkward (The Children's Society)
  • Deck Tales (Dylan Barker, Frontier Youth Trust)
  • Walking In Their Shadow (Lex Bradley, BRF)
  • Be:Loved (Gemma Tuson)

Youth Worker of the Year

Sponsored by: Moorlands College
Prize: ipad

This award is for a youth worker who's excelled at building positive relationships with young people, helping them to see their

Volunteer of the Year

Sponsored by: London School of Theology
Prize: 4* hotel break

This award is for a volunteer who's shown exceptional commitment to Christian youth work, freely offering their time and energy

Best Youth Work Employer

Sponsored by: CPAS Ventures & Falcons
Prize: Team building day at 'Go Ape'

This award is for an employer who gives outstanding support to their youth workers. They invest in them, providing practical and

Most Innovative Youth Work

Sponsored by: CYM
Prize: £300 to spend on the project

This award is for a project or piece of work that's bursting with faith and creativity.

Best Youth Work Resource

Sponsored by: Premier Youthwork
Prize: Full page advert in Premier Youthwork

This award is for a resource that's a proved itself to be a genuine asset to Christian youth work

Young Leader of the Year

Sponsored by: The Methodist Church
Prize: ipad mini

This award will be given to a young Christian who is rooted in their local church and having significant influence on other youn

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